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The Short-ish, Serious-ish Version:

I am a writer of speculative YA. From 2008 through 2012, I lived on a beautiful island in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan, where I battled the forces of Engrish by teaching English to elementary- and middle school students. Now I spend my days looking after my adorable nephew, critiquing, writing, baking too many cookies, taking lots of photos, and gallivanting in the desert.

The Long-ish, mostly serious bio:

I am a 27-year-old writer of mostly YA speculative fiction; reader of all sorts of goodness; baker of cupcakes, cakes, pies, anything that goes in ovens, really; amateur photographer; terrible comedian (I like puns); and itinerate traveler.

Took a lot of effort to not make a silly face.

In University, I studied political science and international studies, with a focus on Asia–especially Japan and China. I lived in Beijing in my sophomore year, and after graduating moved to Japan. I taught English to elementary- and middle school students via the Jet Programme for four years.

Some time in the future I hope to move to or visit: Budapest, Nicaragua, Morocco, Portugal, Jordan, and Australia. (This list is not all-inclusive.) I am conversational in Japanese, effective enough in Chinese, and downright terrible in French and Korean. My English is up-in-the-air.

I’m also slightly obsessed with charity: water, a non-profit dedicated to providing clean, safe water and proper-hygiene education to folks in developing countries that don’t have access.

Authory/Publishingily Industry Specifics:

The writerly adventure started ages and ages ago, back when I liked Sailormoon and wrote terrible (but heartfelt) fanfic. Fastforward through that and a Harry Potter fanfic stage, and we arrive in my freshman year of college, when my sister Anna said, “Hey, I had this idea for a romance novel. But I never finish them, so you write it.”

Took me two years, but I did. The next one went faster.

I’ve written five novels, gone through thousands of hours of editing, found fabulous writerly friends of super amazing, and learned lots of fun words like pulchritude and gelid. I was in the querying trenches, the writer doldrums, and the Maybe-Being-An-Astronaut-Is-Easier moment. And it all rocks my socks off.

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Words are not meant to stir the air only: they are capable of moving greater things.

-Natsume Soseki, Kokoro