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YA Futuristic. Woo!

It iz abouts…

Kaylee Anderson may ask a lot of questions, but she would never question what is important: she is a gifted ballerina, the tower city she calls home is a paradise, and in four weeks, she will go through Orientation and become a legal adult.

Then the tower welcomes Yusuf – a man from outside – to dance with her. As if his slang and messy contractions are not enough, he confounds her by complimenting her blonde eyelashes and small breasts.  But when he asks if she will continue ballet after Orientation, her confusion turns to disquiet.  Kaylee Anderson, not dance?  Her legs would have to disappear.

Unless he knows something she does not.

And now, for the first time, no one will answer Kaylee’s questions.  Not her guardian, not her new doctor, not even the robotic servants that pepper the halls of the tower.  After a tech savvy outsider named Tan hurtles into Kaylee’s life, she uncovers more information on the world beyond the tower than she had thought possible – death and politics and war, families and the sky and kissing.  But nothing on Orientation.

Then Kaylee goes too far and kisses Yusuf.  Her Orientation is advanced to now, and if she wants to escape it, she must sabotage the very foundations of her tower home.  Otherwise, she will not only lose ballet.  She will lose Kaylee.