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Author Folks

Authoress – The mysterious lady who runs Miss Snark’s First Victim and Write On!, both invaluable resources for folks traveling along the publication road.

Nathan Bransford – So famous you probably don’t even need an intro.

Kristin Cashore – YA fantasy author of Graceling and Fire rightly obsessed with Bollywood, shiny things, and trapezing.

Susan Dennard – One of my super fabulous crit partners. Author of the amazeballs YA Steampunk/Gaslamp adventure available now, Something Strange and Deadly, and the only reason this website exists. Also provider of nutella, books, and Mozart balls.

Janice Hardy – Author of MG fantasy trilogy the Healing Wars, including the Shifter and Blue Fire.

Miranda Kenneally – Author of YA contemporary novels, like the Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker.

Nadia Lee – Romance author and fab expat living in Japan. Extraordinarily helpful and straightforward.

Jessica Lei – One of my super fabulous crit partners. Intern for Super Agent Elana Roth of the Caren Johnson Lit Agency. YA speculative author and unapologetic insomniac.

Sarah J Maas – YA fantasy author, like Throne of Glass, an epic fantasy featuring assassins and maaaagic, available now.

Jodi Meadows – Author of YA fantasy and speculative fiction, like her Newsoul Trilogy starting with Incarnate. Also breeder of our future ferret-y overlords and maker of fabulous JodiMitts.

Courtney Milan – Author of historical romance like Unveiled and Trial by Desire.

Vahini Naidoo – Author of contemporary YA, with an untitled release coming soon.

Tamora Pierce – The lady who, along with JK Rowling, has defined YA fantasy for the last several decades. Favorite series: Trickster’s Choice, with a close second of Beka Cooper.

Sarah Robertson – YA author full of awesome. Fellow videogamer and Japan otaku.

The Rejectionist – Struggling writer who bequeaths fashion advice and social justice unto us in the royal “we.” Former editorial assistant at fancy-shmancy NY lit agency.

Kat Zhang – Author of speculative YA like her forthcoming dystopian Hybrid. Also awesome because her name is Kat and all Kats are inherently awesome.

Places I Waste My Time

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Bioware: Mass Effect

Bioware: Dragon Age

Yoshitomi’s Curry.