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I made most of the graphics on this website and took the majority of the pictures (including my author photo, woo!). Those photos I did not take are def totes public domain. I did this using:

  1. Susan Dennard‘s extensive knowledge and patience
  3. A hyper-modified wordpress theme
  4. ICDSoft (for hosting and domain registering)
  5. Gimp (Graphics editing)
  6. Firebug
  7. Lots and lots of cursing

Some credits for the brushes, fonts, and photos that are not mine, because these folks did a great job and they deserve more attention so’s they keep making great things:




  • Adorable social networking icons were not done by me, sadly.
  • The ballerina I used for the Books page is Anna Pavlova, a famous Russian Ballerina. It’s an original postcard from 1900 and is in the Life gallery. Ooooh.